The Huasna Foundation (formally known as the Huasna Valley Association) is a non-profit community group of volunteers that work to improve our neighborhood and build a stronger community. The Huasna Foundation purpose is to preserve, support and promote quality of life and the surrounding environment for the residents of the Huasna area and to develop community partnerships that support the health, safety and welfare of its members and supporters.

Ongoing projects included: Adopt-a-Road trash pick-up, a community directory, community potlucks, a regional garage sale, website and communications, Ranch Watch meetings, support of outsider events in our community, and assist with communications on proposed county projects that impact our area.

Other projects have included: gaining easement and building the Huasna Community sign, surveying the Huasna grade for safety concerns, evaluating the noise level and air quality of the Huasna Valley to create a baseline for future development, hired and managed consultants to evaluate proposed development projects and led communication with county officials on projects that may negatively impacted our community.


The Huasna Foundation