We have formed the "Huasna Valley and Huasna Corridor" neighborhood on a community portal called Nextdoor.com.  Click on Nextdoor link or go to Nextdoor.com and enter your address to register. This portal will allow community members to talk, sell stuff, arrange meetings, and offer services. It will also be a place where alerts can be posted. Join today, let's make this our communication service for the Huasna area.

PG&E presented a program to Huasna residents on 7/31/16 which was organized by Supervisor Lynn Compton. The route options for the Central California Power Connect Project were discussed. Huasna residents gave PG&E strong feedback. Supervisor Compton has been working with PG&E to adopt the routes that are most beneficial to Huasna residents (see letter link below). Lynn is very optimistic that the PG&E final plan will be acceptable to the Huasna residents.

A copy of the current directory is available to anyone listed in the directory. To get yours, contact Terrie Leivers or Lyn Schultz to arrange pick-up.

If you have a change to the current listing or if you're a new neighbor and wish to be added, contact Terrie Leivers at terrie@huasnavalley.org or message her on Nextdoor.com

Thank you Carrie and Lyn for doing such a great job with the Third Edition of the directory!

The Huasna Valley and Huasna Corridor are located in southern San Luis Obispo County. Please visit, respect, and enjoy our beautiful and peaceful community. 

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