The Huasna Valley and the Huasna Corridor is located in southern San Luis Obispo County. Please visit, respect, and enjoy our beautiful and peaceful community. 

Huasna Valley Association

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On May 30th (Saturday 8am to 5pm, or end your sale earlier if you choose) we are encouraging families along Huasna Road and Huasna Townsite to participate in a regional community yard sale. Everyone interested in holding a yard sale on May 30th should place a sign in front of their location – the HVA volunteers will be posting signs starting in Arroyo Grande.  We will also be placing ads in Craigslist and promoting this community sale in other ways. To have your address listed in the ads, please email Lyn Taylor at and tell her your address.

The directory form has been emailed to those on the HVA email list and placed in every mailbox. Complete the information by June 1st to be included in the directory. Mail your form to HVA - PO Box 1164, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421, or email the required information to - if you have no changes to your current listing - you don't need to reply.

We have formed the "Huasna Valley and Huasna Corridor" neighborhood on a community portal called  Click on Nextdoor link or go to and enter your address to register. This portal will allow community members to talk, sell stuff, arrange meetings, and offer services. It will also be a place where alerts can be posted. Join today, let's make this our communication service for the Huasna area.

Huasna Yard Sale

Ranch Watch Directory Update


Come to Ranch Watch Meeting

On June 12th (Townsite and Bobcat) beginning at 6:30pm - join your neighbors for the Ranch Watch meeting presented by the San Luis Obispo Sheriff Department. Bring your own chair and join in the potluck. A copy of the new directory will be handed out to everyone on the directory list.

Every second Friday of the month beginning at 6:30 at the corner of Townsite and Bobcat - bring a dish to share, your own plate, forks, beverage, and chair (small tables are helpful too).
June 12th - Potluck and the Ranch Watch meeting
July 10th - Potluck
August 14th - Potluck
Sept. 11th - Potluck
October 9th - Potluck

Potluck Every Month

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